Company History

CGC? What does that stand for? As of this writing our acronym has gone by many meanings. Usually which ever is most fitting to the situation. Decryption of the letters has given this company names such as Chambers Golf Construction; Chambers Golf Creations; Creative Golf Concepts; Consultants of Golf Courses; Chambers Golf Courses; Chambers Golf Company; can probably think of a few more. As we created new subjective name with acronym we did keep one constant theme: GOLF COURSE. It's where we started. It's what we've done best since day one. Although our capabilities have expanded immensely, we believe our name should always reflect our passionĀ  and remind us where we came from.

The keys to success began over forty years ago when CGC LLC devoted itself to raising the bar a bit further on every new project. Focused on perfection, our strategy has been consistent. 41 years of persistence to improve upon ourselves unmistakably evolved CGC into a globally respected developer of grass based sports facilities. Our ability and expertise for creating golf courses, and sports complexes is arguably the best in the world. Rivaled only by a few developers globally. We know we're not the largest or most expensive, but we do believe we are the best.

During our companies first 10 years our attention to detail and time management gained us much recognition in our locally developing community. This limited fame resulted in contracts to develop many beautiful commercial builds, street scape backdrops, parks, bridges and other large scale projects throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Colorado. We look forward to contributing more development to our state, or any state as our great country continues to grow.

Now you know where we've been. Where we are. And how we got here. Continue reading to find out where we're going as we continue to keep evolving for the better.